Create audio book with personalized voice


Role-Playing game with the voice of a game’s character


Audio dubbing by converting language based on the real voice of the character


Sing whatever you want with your Ai Voice

The Characteristic of LUCY5

High sync rate of MLI(Multi-layer Inference)
Provides high quality stably through optimal inference model.

Strong personal voice protection
We do not store any data to protect personal information as LUCY5 automatically delete the source data and learning data once downloaded.

Efficiency with Model Compressing
With just 3 minutes of speech data, you can create a high-performance vocal clone in 20 minutes without language barriers.

High-quality voice
clone with excellent

Quickly generated
with only a small
amount of voice data

Applicable to
various content

Thorough protection
of personalized
voice IP

Automatic Training Settings

Streamline your creative process. Kits automatically adjusts training settings to fit your dataset

Auto Epoch Selection & vertraining Protection

Cutting-Edge Pitch Extraction

Dataset Optimization